Mobile technology is no longer a new thing for us today but how to manage and maximize your mobile device performance and capability might be another thing that you have to know.

Smith Micro Software inc., develops and markets mobile software products and services and an extensive line of PC software products for business & home markets. Bringing together innovative solutions from mobile connectivity to managing media content mobility to advancing mobile software management, Smith Micro products enrich the experience people have with their computer systems, mobile devices and wireless networks.

One of their best products is Mobile connection manager.
Mobile connection management software has emerged as a critical requirement for wireless broadband consumers and the solution is QickLink Mobile.

With QuickLink Mobile, you can customize the UI to extend your corporate brand. It offers a robust skinning engine, flexible localization options, and detailed control of application features and default settings, allowing you to customize the user experience for any market.

So, are you satisfied with your mobile device and computer system that you have now with their limitations? Or having all advance system that will enhance your productivity and give you more freedom in your hands?


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